Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here she is!

Well my friend got her apron this week and she seemed to like it very much. For those of you who haven't seen a pic of it here it is!

I really enjoyed making this one. It's a little different from the last one I made, although I enjoyed making that one too. My next project is going to be a skirt. Someone had given me some fabric not too long ago. I gave about half of it away because I didn't think I could use it. Well now I wished I had kept it. Oh and learn! Anyway, that material is a black and white checked pattern. I think it's going to be very pretty!

Give and it shall be given unto you, is something that I have read in the Bible many times. I've seen it real in my life many times. Well, last night I saw it real again! Monday, I got together some shirts that I don't wear anymore. I posted them on a website to give to anyone that wanted them in my local area. Well, Tuesday I gave them to this lady. Tuesday evening I saw a post on the same website for some modest length skirts. Now you know when it says modest length that someone cares about modesty. I drove about 35 minutes from my house to pick them up. I was so happy when I saw real MODEST skirts! I mean they were real. Anyone who has been in a dress shop recently has probably noticed the lack of modest clothing. I went to a store the other day because my husband had given me a gift card (just because wasn't that sweet?) When I walked into that store I couldn't find one modest skirt that didn't "flow" with my hips or backside. I had to get an outfit one size larger for it not to hug my hips and "show off" my figure. (sorry style tv people...I don't care nothing about style if it ain't modest!) I thought that was mighty sad. So I'm standing here today to say I want the modest clothes back! Anyone ever though of opening a store with just modest clothing? I have! If we weren't looking for the Lord to move us soon, I would open one up here. I probably would get a GREAT amount of business.

Well it's 6pm here and I've got to get myself and two little champs ready for wednesday night prayer meeting. I hope that if you don't have a church that you can go to that you try to find one. It's so important in my opinion to find a church where you can be encouraged through the rest of the week. Pray for us.

To God be the Glory!


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Michelle said...

That is verycute..I would love to learn how to sew..