Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today is the last day.....

to get in on the giveaway! I pick the name today at 8pm EST soooooo....if you would like that book please comment away!

Today is Karate day again. Those days I try to keep school short. We start at 9am and sometimes we get done at 10am? Today they had a Math test, English, and Spelling. MWF we have History review (since we already finished the book) Science and other subjects such as Music and Spanish. When we get near the end of the school year things just are a little more hectic for me. Don't ask me why...I couldn't tell ya.

I have a question for you. Do you homeschool year round? If so, how do you handle summer months when all the other kids are out and playing and your kids are still in "school"? Do you shorten your days? Do more hands on or fun activities? I have found that I actually NEED the summer months off. Now, don't get me wrong, I do somethings with them that help them to review what they learned that year. But overall I don't do subject books and workbooks during the summer. I will probably take them to the Library once a week during the summer months because it gives them books to read that are different. The types of books they read are shorter books. My oldest reads chapter books now, so he may not get a book every time he goes.

Do you know that there is so much to do at the library? There is a new library just down the road a bit and it has a little area just for the kids. It's off the to side but in order to leave that area you have to walk passed the librarian. I like that. They also have two computers with kid friendly games on them so the kids can play on the computer while you look in the computer catalog. (which by the way is right next to the computers for the kids) They also have a "kiddie" bathroom in that area. That way you don't have to walk back outside to take them to the bathroom. Can you tell I'm excited about this new library? Only a homeschooling mom right?! LOL

While we are on the subject of libraries. Did you know that the library is your homeschooling friend? We have several in our area and they all have different resources for homeschooling. They also have all those books you wish you could buy but don't have the money for. Remember those?? I just look them up in the online catalog at home and then pick a library for them to be delivered to...and wallah....they call me when they arrive. All I have to do is pick them up! How convenient right?! There is a WORLD of information at the library. Now, you do need to actually look at the books before you take them home. Especially if you are dealing with science and nature. Many books "sneak" in evolution and I can't stand it. It's true though, so always look at the books before you check them out.
The other week, when we went to the library. My oldest was picking out books about planets and biomes. Well, needless to say, I looked in all the books he picked out and there was evolution hinted in there. I was aggravated. My oldest was upset because I wouldn't let him have them. Glad to say that I have trained them to know that if Momma says that you can't read that book it's for a reason. You may think I'm being overprotective. But at that age, they have no need to be introduced to evolution on that scale. I have taught them what it is and that it is just a theory....but I don't go into details. I don't think there is a need for it at age 7.

Well I've gabbed enough...I've got to finish washing their uniforms for karate. Have a wonderful blessed day! Please, if you want that book don't forget to comment below! by 8pm EST !

In Christ ALONE!


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