Saturday, October 4, 2008

God's most amazing plan

Sometimes in life you think you are goin to do one thing and God shows you that it's His will for you to do another. That has been coming up in my life a lot lately. Our ministry, my children, a lot of different aspect of my life are changing right before my eyes and I didn't see it coming. Nothing is wrong mind you. Everything is great and as long as we are doing God's will for our lives we will continue to be ok. The Lord has given Michael a job. He enjoys it and actually thinks he likes it better than the job he did have. He works on Wednesday night which I'm NOT crazy about and praying about that the Lord will see fit for him to work it out where he can leave early on Wednesday night. We'll see. The boys are doing great in school. Joseph's cursive and writing is really improving. One day it just clicked with him and he's off!! Joshua isdoing better with his manuscript. He has a tendency to write starting at the bottom instead of at the top. It's ok we're working on it. There are some things that the Lord is working on us about our ministry. Not things we expected mind you, but things that He had planned all along. What a mighty God we serve! One day we will be where we feel we want to be but God's plan matters the most in our lives. Please pray for us as we look for that open door that God wants us to take. It will be a test of our faith for sure but God's grace is sufficient! Love you all in the Lord.
Peace be with you!


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Home from the Beach

Week before last, we took a trip with my parents to the beach. We had a lot of fun. The boys got to play in the water and on the beach quite a bit. It was really nice and was a good vacation for us. Anyone likes to go somewhere for basically free right? My Aunt has a "Vacation Plan" at the beach and allowed all of us to use it. Here are some pics that I took at the beach.

This one is my youngest son on his "boogie board". They loved those things. My husband even got one and went out there to catch a few waves!

This is my oldest son who just had a WIPE OUT!!! LOL He was out there more than the youngest one and he used to be so afraid of water. Praise the Lord he finally got passed that!

This one is one of my favorites. This is of my husband and my oldest son. As we walked back to the car we walked passed this seating area on the pier. We stopped to take a few pics.

These two are two that I took on the sand dunes. I just thought they were purty!

Will post more later!


Monday, August 25, 2008

A blog contest!

Don't you just love them? I beautiful lady is having a blog contest on her blog. Just click on this
link to find out how to get in on it! It is for a beautiful created art words that you can decorate your home with. You can check out the website of the creator Fruitful Vine Creations by clicking on the link.

Will be back later with updates


Thursday, July 31, 2008

More updates

My nephew Andrew, has gone home from the hospital. He is doing well. Praise the Lord!

I'm sure you want to know about our Sunday at the church as candidates. Well, we had some good services. There was one couple whom I thought had a little control over the congregation and I felt funny about that. I actually would've thought they were the pastor and wife if I didn't know better. Anyway, we had a good time at the church and the clerk and his wife took us out to dinner. In the end however, we didn't feel this was the church for us. We didn't feel that connection that would or should feel when you go to another church. Anyone needs to feel connected before leaving their current church and going to another. So we are still here and waiting on the Lord. It's going to be alright!

The kids are still doing well in their schooling. Joseph has finally gotten to the point where he will write stories or paragraphs on his own! It has taken a lot of patience but we have succeded! This brings something to my mind. While we were at this church, the clerks wife asks me when the kids are going back to school. I told her that they already were, that they were homeschooled. She looked utterly shocked to say the least. The look on her face told it all. I don't know that she was quite keen with the homeschooling idea. She asked me if I had to turn in the papers and tests that they do to be graded ??????? I was like, no I grade them. Then she asked if I had to have credentials. I was like no, not in this good ol state. She asked more questions and then made a statement that made me realize that she did not really support the homeschooling idea (either out of ignorance or skepticism). She said " There is a lot of people doing that homeschooling around here. It's really getting to be a big thing. You know our former pastor's wife was a school teacher." Maybe I took her wrong but I guess to get the real thought you had to see her face. I just smiled and said "yup" LOL Then I changed the subject because I really was starting to feel awkward. There were many other things that were said and happened that I knew before the second service started that it was NOT the place we needed to be. But I did pray and ask the Lord to show my husband this if this was right what I was feeling and if I was wrong that I would accept it and go there. In the long run, He did and my husband expressed the same feelings to me. So praise the Lord! I really pray that we go to a church that supports homeschooling. PLEASE LORD!!! PLEASE!!! :)


Friday, July 25, 2008

Updates on everything

I know I haven't been on here in a while so I thought I would update on everything.

My nephew Andrew's surgery went very well. They removed the tumor without damaging the optic nerves or blood vessels. However the pituitary stem was damamged. They can control that with meds so everything seems to be fine. He went home from the hospital last night. Praise the Lord!

My husband and I are going to a church this Sunday to minister as candidates for pastor. We feel good about the service and are waiting on God to show us which direction to go.

As far as homeschooling, everything is going well. I'm reviewing and getting everything caught up and prepared for the new subjects coming up in the next month or two. The kids are really learning the way I would hope that they would. I think I am figuring out the homeschooling thing. FINALLY! I'm becoming a little more organized and it really helps me. In case you haven't heard about Homeschool Tracker, it is such an easy program to use, and it's FREE! There is a free version you can download to your computer and it is such a help! You put the assignments in for the year and you can track the attendance. You can print out reports for report cards, attendance, book lists, fields trips, teacher's assignement report for each week. It's an amazing organizational tool! I'm using it this year even more than last year because I see the benefits. For those of you who must keep up with all of these things for the government this is a great tool! Go check it out!

Happy Schooling and God bless!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prayer Request

Those of you who read my blog know I have two boys. I do not know how I would react if something were to happen to them that was out of my control. My nephew Andrew was found to have a brain tumor and cist pressing against his Pituitary Stem and his Optic nerves. This is very serious. Tomorrow they are taking little Andrew, I forgot to mention that he is 5 years old, to the hospital for brain surgery. This is a very delicate surgery that will take at least 6 hours to perform. I asking everyone that can to please pray for Andrew tomorrow morning from 7am everytime the Lord lays him on your heart. The Dr. is concerned about his eyesight, even though the cist is laying against it, they do not know whether it is attached (which could cause problems removing it) or if it is just pressing against it. If it's pressing against it they will drain the cist and remove is and the tumor. Pray that the Dr's have wisdom and that God will guide their hands to be able to remove this without damaging the optic nerve (which could make him go blind)

Also, I know this is not as urgent as the former request, but my husband and I will be going to a church to minister as canidates for pastor. Please pray that the Lord will give us wisdom and discernment to know if this is the church that HE wishes for us to Pastor. We want to be totally in God's will for this. We will be going to this church on July 27th so please pray for us on that day.

I know that God has a mighty plan for all of our lives and we want to live it to the fullest everyday. Have peace in your soul and may God bless you today!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Our first day....

Today was our first day back to school. I took abotu a month off and feel that it is needed to get back into the swing of things. This day went a little more stressful because I've found that Joseph has trouble focusing on his work. I'm constantly reminding him to focus. Today I got a little frustrated with him but we made it through the first day. We only did Math, English, and History. I'm going to be adding Science to this to do some review of last year before we head into the new books. It's going to be interesting to say the least. I'm also going to get a start on decluttering my life. It seems that things have gotten so cluttered that I can't stand it anymore. My bedroom is the worst because we have all the school books in there along with the washer and dryer (which went out the other day btw), computer desk and all the other things. We really don't have room anywhere else for these things so that is where they go. I'm hoping that when can have a house one day so that I can be a little more organized with where I put everything! AHHH the thought! One day at a time, I know, but you can't help but hope right?

Well off to fix lunch for my little ones and go check out a handheld mixer that someone is giving me. Have a wonderful day!