Saturday, October 4, 2008

God's most amazing plan

Sometimes in life you think you are goin to do one thing and God shows you that it's His will for you to do another. That has been coming up in my life a lot lately. Our ministry, my children, a lot of different aspect of my life are changing right before my eyes and I didn't see it coming. Nothing is wrong mind you. Everything is great and as long as we are doing God's will for our lives we will continue to be ok. The Lord has given Michael a job. He enjoys it and actually thinks he likes it better than the job he did have. He works on Wednesday night which I'm NOT crazy about and praying about that the Lord will see fit for him to work it out where he can leave early on Wednesday night. We'll see. The boys are doing great in school. Joseph's cursive and writing is really improving. One day it just clicked with him and he's off!! Joshua isdoing better with his manuscript. He has a tendency to write starting at the bottom instead of at the top. It's ok we're working on it. There are some things that the Lord is working on us about our ministry. Not things we expected mind you, but things that He had planned all along. What a mighty God we serve! One day we will be where we feel we want to be but God's plan matters the most in our lives. Please pray for us as we look for that open door that God wants us to take. It will be a test of our faith for sure but God's grace is sufficient! Love you all in the Lord.
Peace be with you!


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Cathy said...

Lifting yall up in prayer!!!