Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prayer Request

Those of you who read my blog know I have two boys. I do not know how I would react if something were to happen to them that was out of my control. My nephew Andrew was found to have a brain tumor and cist pressing against his Pituitary Stem and his Optic nerves. This is very serious. Tomorrow they are taking little Andrew, I forgot to mention that he is 5 years old, to the hospital for brain surgery. This is a very delicate surgery that will take at least 6 hours to perform. I asking everyone that can to please pray for Andrew tomorrow morning from 7am everytime the Lord lays him on your heart. The Dr. is concerned about his eyesight, even though the cist is laying against it, they do not know whether it is attached (which could cause problems removing it) or if it is just pressing against it. If it's pressing against it they will drain the cist and remove is and the tumor. Pray that the Dr's have wisdom and that God will guide their hands to be able to remove this without damaging the optic nerve (which could make him go blind)

Also, I know this is not as urgent as the former request, but my husband and I will be going to a church to minister as canidates for pastor. Please pray that the Lord will give us wisdom and discernment to know if this is the church that HE wishes for us to Pastor. We want to be totally in God's will for this. We will be going to this church on July 27th so please pray for us on that day.

I know that God has a mighty plan for all of our lives and we want to live it to the fullest everyday. Have peace in your soul and may God bless you today!


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