Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A new month!

Well I've got several updates on different things in our lives right now. First, the VBS went really well. I was pleased with the cooperation that I recieved after a few changes were made. I wasn't thrilled about making the changes but sometimes in life we can compromise to an extent.

My husband recieved his ordination certificate. So he is now officially ordained! Hallelujah! We've waited so long! What this means now is that we will be seeking a church to pastor. I'm not sure how long the process will be but I believe that by this time next year we will not be living in this area. I'm so thrilled about the possibility of having a ministry elsewhere.

Tonight I'm playing for a wedding. I'm not really crazy about playing for weddings but I told this couple I would so I'm honoring that promise. I get really nervous. I feel like I'm at a piano recital. Anyone know how that feels? Anyone remembers those piano recitals? At least I can have the music in front of me. I went to the rehearsal last night and it seemed to take forever. A lot of things that should've been done before that point were not taken care of. It took longer than I would like to but it seems all the kinks are out so everything should run smoothly tonight.

I'm going to be starting school next week. It won't be a full load but definatly be schooling. I would like to review somethings from last year before moving on to the next year. I feel that it will help them in the long run. I haven't recieved their testing scores back yet but am looking for them to arrive any day now.

Well I have to run. I've got a lot to do today along with their karate classes so I've got to get these things done. Have a wonderful day!


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