Thursday, July 31, 2008

More updates

My nephew Andrew, has gone home from the hospital. He is doing well. Praise the Lord!

I'm sure you want to know about our Sunday at the church as candidates. Well, we had some good services. There was one couple whom I thought had a little control over the congregation and I felt funny about that. I actually would've thought they were the pastor and wife if I didn't know better. Anyway, we had a good time at the church and the clerk and his wife took us out to dinner. In the end however, we didn't feel this was the church for us. We didn't feel that connection that would or should feel when you go to another church. Anyone needs to feel connected before leaving their current church and going to another. So we are still here and waiting on the Lord. It's going to be alright!

The kids are still doing well in their schooling. Joseph has finally gotten to the point where he will write stories or paragraphs on his own! It has taken a lot of patience but we have succeded! This brings something to my mind. While we were at this church, the clerks wife asks me when the kids are going back to school. I told her that they already were, that they were homeschooled. She looked utterly shocked to say the least. The look on her face told it all. I don't know that she was quite keen with the homeschooling idea. She asked me if I had to turn in the papers and tests that they do to be graded ??????? I was like, no I grade them. Then she asked if I had to have credentials. I was like no, not in this good ol state. She asked more questions and then made a statement that made me realize that she did not really support the homeschooling idea (either out of ignorance or skepticism). She said " There is a lot of people doing that homeschooling around here. It's really getting to be a big thing. You know our former pastor's wife was a school teacher." Maybe I took her wrong but I guess to get the real thought you had to see her face. I just smiled and said "yup" LOL Then I changed the subject because I really was starting to feel awkward. There were many other things that were said and happened that I knew before the second service started that it was NOT the place we needed to be. But I did pray and ask the Lord to show my husband this if this was right what I was feeling and if I was wrong that I would accept it and go there. In the long run, He did and my husband expressed the same feelings to me. So praise the Lord! I really pray that we go to a church that supports homeschooling. PLEASE LORD!!! PLEASE!!! :)


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