Friday, May 23, 2008

Spring Cleaning and other ramblings

You know I'm not crazy about Spring Cleaning time. I never had really done it because I just usually do it when I get around to it. But I've noticed lately it's become harder to "get around to it". So this past week when I was told that I would have to totally clean out my apartment closet to let the maintenence work on the dryer vent, I knew that this was going to have to happen soon. So I'm going to be working on getting the junk that was in my closet sorted. I'll be throwing things away and giving things away to the Goodwill/Local Freecycle. I really need my life to be less chaotic.

Anyway, today is the last day of testing for my kids! Hallelujah! I'm excited! I might just take them out for a treat! One thing that is hard for me during testing is that when they make a mistake you can't help them. It is so hard not to make a face or react. I have to literally go in the other room. I don't look at their work afterwards because I see the mistakes they made. It's ok though. I know that the scores don't have to be perfect for them to make a good score. I will have to look eventually so that I can write down the answers they chose in case something were to happen in the transit to the scoring place. Yes I give my kids their test. I can do that and I don't see why I would put them under more stress by placing them in the home of someone they don't know. It makes them pretty nervous just to be around strangers, especially Joseph. So testing is over today and I'm glad.

We have also been working on some tomato plants in pots. Living in an apartment it's hard to have homegrown items. However, we decided we were going to try to grow some tomato plants in some pots! They look pretty good! I'll post a pic when I take one. Michael also wanted to grow some kind of pepper, but it hasn't even budded yet. I'm wondering if he put the seed too far down in the soil. Oh well, we'll see what happens next!

I didn't forget this, but I was waiting till the last to mention that I have won my first ever blog giveaway! How exciting! A very sweet young lady named Nataly is having weekly giveaways this month. She also has Friday Features that features a WAHM's business. I won a Friday feature giveaway! I'm a little in shock! LOL Thank you so much Nataly! Click on this link to see what I won! . You can also click on that link, go to her giveaways page and comment to get in on the giveaways for this week! I'm so excited!

That giveaway also reminds me that I need to get another one together. ;)

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